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 Empathize. Empower. Engage.


At KlickEngage, we’re working to ensure that children in low-income communities have equal opportunity to succeed academically.


Many children enter the classroom carrying the weight of complex traumas—things like child abuse, neglect, adverse childhood experiences and community violence. Understandably, these experiences lead to negative academic and psychological outcomes for students.

Schools are uniquely positioned to serve these children and promote socio-emotional health. BUT, low-income schools do not have the capacity to support students in these crucial ways.


Our solution is to build capacity through technology. 


How KlickEngage Works

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Student self-reporting

Students begin their day by reporting their emotions through a survey.


Real-time data for teachers

Teachers receive a real-time report so they can track trends, as well as be proactive about student need.


Personalized resources

Each group has tailored resources and tools they can use throughout the day to get back to their cognitive baseline.


View our research + resources for providing whole-child learning by fostering social + emotional development.

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